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USTUTT is represented here by IER/TFU – Institute for Energy Economics and Rational Use of Energy, Department of Technology Assessment and Environment (http://www.ier.uni-stuttgart.de) and ISV - Institute for Road and Transport Science, Department of Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering.

IER has been engaged in research work in the fields of air pollution and air pollution control, environmental economy and integrated impact assessment for many years. Research has focused on calculation of anthropogenic emissions of air pollutants and generation of emission inventories, preparation of emission scenarios for future years, theoretical and experimental determination of uncertainties of calculated emission data, identification of efficient strategies for the reduction of emissions and ambient concentrations of air pollutants and integrated assessment model development, damage assessment modeling, risk assessment and water-soil modeling and estimation of external costs of energy and transport systems.

The Institute of Road and Transport Science was one of the pioneers in transport planning and traffic engineering in Germany dealing with environmental topics. This experience covers studies on speed limits on motorways, the improvement of traffic calmed areas with respect to environmental topics, the assessment of measures to reduce climate relevant emissions or the modeling of the ban of through traffic of heavy vehicles through urban areas to reduce noise emissions.

USTUTT has been involved, as co-ordinator or partner, in a wide range of EC research projects and has a long experience in international research cooperation within the EU and also with Eastern European countries and developing countries. Results of USTUTT’s research have been actively disseminated through close links to public institutions, politicians, industry and private households. 

Role and contribution
Leader of SP5, analysis of effects and costs of abatement and mitigation measures, assessment and ranking of measures and policies.

Principal personnel involved

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rainer Friedrich - who will lead the research work, is deputy director of IER (USTUTT) and heads the department of Technology Assessment and Environment. His major research areas cover generation of emission inventories, the identification of emission reduction strategies, technology assessment, environmental economics, quantification and assessment of environmental damage and risks to human health and estimation of external costs of energy and transport systems. He has extensive experience in co-ordinating international research projects, e.g. EUROTRAC-GENEMIS, HEATCO, MERLIN, NewExt, ESPREME, NATAIR.

Dr.-Ing. Jochen Theloke - is head of the air pollution research group. His major research areas cover generation of emission inventories, the identification of emission reduction strategies and the assessment of mitigation costs. He has been involved in multinational work with the UNECE Task Force Emission Inventories and Projection (TFEIP), GENEMIS, EMEP. He has been working in several international research projects, e.g. MERLIN, ESPREME, DROPS, NATAIR

Dipl.-Geoökol. Ulrike Kugler
- works at USTUTT since 2004 on calculation of emissions from mobile sources, the generation of emissions inventories and the identification of emission reduction strategies and the assessment of mitigation costs.

AOR Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Wacker - is working at the Institute for Road and Transport Science since 1985. Since September 1st, 1998 he is the Deputy Head of the Department of Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering which was founded at that date. Mr. Wacker was and is deeply involved in all projects dealing with environmental topics at the Department of Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering and before at the Institute for Road and Transport Science. Besides he is since 2000 the chairman of the committee “Special Issues of Urban Transportation” of the German Road and Transportation Research Association (Forschungsgesellschaft für Straßen- und Verkehrswesen). In this committee several sub-committees deal with environmental topics, like noise or the reduction of transport related emissions of particulate matter.

Selected relevant publications

Kummer U., Pacyna J., Pacyna E., Friedrich, R. (2008).  Assessment of heavy metal releases from the use phase of road transport in Europe. Atmospheric Environment, In Press.
Theloke J., R. Friedrich (2007): Compilation of a data base on the composition of anthropogenic VOC emissions for atmospheric modelling, Atmospheric Environment, 41, Issue 19, 4148-4160
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Friedrich R., Reis S (Eds.) (2004): Emission of Air Pollutants - Measurements, Calculation and Uncertainties. (FinalReport GENEMIS), VDI Springer Verlag.
Vautard R., J. Theloke, R. Friedrich et al. (2003): Paris emission inventory diagnostics from ESQUIF airborne measurements and a chemistry transport model, Geophysical Research, 108 (D17).
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