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University of Hertfordshire (UH-CAIR)

Centre for Atmospheric & Instrumentation Research (CAIR)

CAIR undertakes research into atmospheric interactions and microphysical processes affecting radiative properties and air quality. The Centre was formed through the amalgamation of three cognate research groups (Atmospheric Dynamics & Air Quality (ADAQ), Light Scattering & Radiative Processes (LSRP), Particle Instruments & Diagnostics (PID) that had been active at UH for more than two decades. Over the past five years, research sponsorship totalling more than £3.8 million has been received from NERC, EPSRC, EU, DSTL, NASA, NSF, the Royal Society, Government and Industry. CAIR’s research programmes are now supported by extensive specialist computational resources, field measurement campaigns, and 400 sq.m of dedicated office & laboratory facilities.


Atmospheric dynamics & air quality is a sub-area of the Centre for Atmospheric & Instrumentation Research (CAIR). It is concerned with meteorological processes and their interaction with atmospheric composition including air quality and the resulting impacts over local to global scales. The research has been ongoing since 1995 and specialises in the improvement and application of multiscale meteorological and chemistry-transport models, use of satellite data for modelling, study of the impacts of air quality, characterisation and source apportionment of air pollutants (including particles) and air quality trends in megacities. We contribute to the activities of the NERC funded National Centre for Atmospheric Science (NCAS) and collaborate with a large number of international research organisations. The research is funded by a range of agencies, such as, research councils, European Commission, Government and industry. The research within ADAQ interacts closely with CAIR's Particle Instrumentation & Diagnostic and Light Scattering & Radiative Processes sub-areas, and we recommend you visit their pages too.

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