ParticipantsThe Danish Meteorological Institute (DMI)    September 19, 2020  English (United States) English (United Kingdom)
Danish Meteorological Institute
DMI is the national meteorological service for Denmark, Greenland, and Faeroe Islands. DMI has a long-lasting experience in atmospheric environment and climate modelling including development, running and analysing 3D atmospheric models for both operational use and research in weather forecast, climate change and long-range dispersion, transformation and deposition of pollutants.

The Meteorological Research Division, MRD (HIRLAM and atmospheric pollution) has extensive experience in all forms of dispersion in the atmosphere of harmful substances or substances causing inconveniences. This includes air pollution modelling problems such as smog and ozone arising from emissions from industry, power plants, house warming, urban traffic, nuclear emergency, and pollen forecasting.

MRD has been involved in several international research projects on atmospheric dispersion and chemistry topics relevant to the present application. Mostly these projects have been funded by EU, e.g. arctic surface ozone depletion (ARCTOC), DMS and aerosol impact on climate (ELCID), forecasting of urban environment (FUMAPEX), Arctic Risk (AR-NARP), create a new European operational system for global monitoring of atmospheric chemistry and dynamics, and an operational system to produce improved medium-range and short-range air-chemistry forecasts (GEMS), and in several projects on nuclear emergency preparedness (ENSEMBLE, RODOS, RTMOD, ETEX).
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