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Mike Kobernus went to the University of Birmingham, in England, where he receieved his BA Arts i 1996. In 1997 he received a Post Graduate certificate in Education from Warwick University, England before moving to the United States to work in Quality Assurance and Software Testing.

Mike has worked for many large IT consultancies, both within the US and Norway, where he worked on projects as diverse as NASDAQ Online and The Norwegian Aviation Authority's Intranet.

Mike has been with NILU as a Project Manager since December 2003, where his main responsibility is project management within web development. He is responsible for the delivery of technical solutions for a large number of projects, including the following:

While Mike is principally a Project Manager, he enjoys many aspects of software development and specialises in specification design, system architecture and Quality Assurance in addition to managing the day to day running of many projects.

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