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The Norwegian Institute for Air Research

Since 1969 NILU (Norwegian Institute for Air Research) has been an independent research foundation specialising in air pollution research from global to local problems and today is one of the largest European institutes in this field.

NILU is the Chemical Co-ordinating Centre for EMEP and coordinates the work under the Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution on particulate matter. NILU is a member of the European Environment Agency’s Topic Centre on Air Quality and Climate Change.

NILU has 40 years experience in ambient trace gas measurements, air quality modelling and management activities. NILU has been involved in several recent or current EC-research projects relevant to TRANSPHORM, such as MEGAPOLI, CITYZEN, EUCAARI, EUSAAR, CREATE, GMES-GATO, FORMAT, ASSET, FUMAPEX, Air4EU and ACCENT.

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