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Finnish Meteorological Institute

The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI: http://www.fmi.fi/en) has the mandate of producing reliable scientific information on the state of the atmosphere, as well as contributing to scientific ends. FMI employs about 550 people, about 240 of which are involved in research.

Scientists from the Air Quality Research department of the FMI will be involved in the project. Current projects involve monitoring of air quality and atmospheric composition (e.g., EMEP, HELCOM/EGAP, WMO/GAW, AMAP), research and development in air chemistry and aerosol physics (including a National and two Nordic Centres of Excellence), and assessment and modelling of airborne
pollutants from the local to the continental scale (recent EU- and ESA -funded projects are SAPPHIRE, FUMAPEX, OSCAR, PAMCHAR, GEMS, MACC, PROMOTE, CAIR4HEALTH, MARQUIS, eLUP, ShipNoDEff, HENVINET, HIALINE and MEGAPOLI).
Project Contacts
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