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TRANSPHORM Workshop for Stakeholders

Quantifying Health Impacts of Particulate Matter over Europe

New approaches, Implications and Recommendations for Policy




Overview of TRANSPHORM - Approach and achievements

Ranjeet S Sokhi, University of Hertfordshire, UK


Advances in City and European Emissions of Particulate Matter

Zisis Samaras, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece and Hugo Denier van der Gon, TNO, The Netherlands


Modelling of Particulate Matter on City and European Scales

Menno Keuken, TNO, The Netherlands


Assessment of Population Exposure to Particulate Matterfor London and Helsinki

Jaakko Kukkonen, Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland


Health Impact Assessment in TRANSPHORM: City Case Studies

Brian Miller, Institute of Occupational Medicine, UK


Reducing Future Health Impacts of Particulate Matter overEurope - An Integrated Assessment Approach

Rainer Friedrich, University of Stuttgart, Germany


Comments and Experience from TRANSPHORM City Partners

Saskia Willers, Environmental Protection Agency Rijnmond (DCMR)


Policy Relevant Recommendations for Health Impacts Assessmentof Particulate Matter

Ranjeet S Sokhi, University of Hertfordshire, UK


PM Health Impact Assessment in EU Policy - Lessons Learntand Outlook

Andre Zuber, European Commission  

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