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TRANSPHORM brings together internationally leading air quality and health researchers and users to improve the knowledge of transport related airborne particulate matter (PM) and its impact on human health.  Furthermore, it aims to develop and implement assessment approaches for city to European scales. TRANSPHORM’s approach integrates emission and measurement data, air quality and exposure models and employs the latest concentration-response functions and burden of disease metrics to calculate the health impact resulting from airborne particulate matter.

If you would like more information on TRANSPHORM, including the latest results from the project, or if you would like to register as a stakeholder, please contact us.  Details of individual partners and their contact details can be found here.

TRANSPHORM Stakeholders Meeting

On Tuesday 6th May 2014, key stakeholders were invited to a workshop on ‘Quantifying Health Impacts of Particulate Matter over Europe: New Approaches, Implications, and Recommendations for Policy’.  Speakers from the project presented their latest scientific findings and examined a range of adaptation and mitigation measures to reduce health impacts of airborne particulate matter. These presentations can be found here.  The meeting focused on results from recent city and European scale case studies quantifying the health impacts for current and future years and proposing recommendations for policy and decision making.

Key stakeholders present at the meeting included:

  • European policy decision makers
  • City representatives working on air quality, transport, planning and urban planning
  • Representatives from industry and environmental sectors

A full list of those present at the workshop, can be found here.

Outcomes of the Meeting

Notes on the discussions held at the meeting will be released shortly.

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