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Overview of SP6: Consortium management and assessment of progress and results
This SP deals with all aspects of project management, interaction with stakeholders, dissemination of results and assessment of progress in the project. The overall coordination of TRANSPHORM will be provided by Professor Ranjeet S Sokhi. He will be supported by Professors Dick van den Hout (Policy) and Bert Brunekreef (Health) as co-coordinators. Together they represent the three main science areas which are essential to ensure the successful outcome of TRANSPHORM, namely, air quality, health and policy. SP6 has been organized according to the following work packages:
Work packages and their objectives
This WP will focus on management activities, over and above the technical management of individual work packages and will link together all the project components and maintain communications with the Commission and the stakeholder community. Within this WP, activities will include the administration of financial, auditing, legal, ethical and gender matters, management of knowledge, QA/QC, IPR and exploitation and the maintenance of the consortium agreement. It will also organize and implement competitive calls for the participation of users, subcontractors and other interested groups. The scientific coordination of research and technological development activities forms part of the WP work programmes.
Dissemination of project outcomes and resulting knowledge will be organized and implemented in this WP. Specifically tasks will include development and maintenance of the project website including public orientated portal, email list server and electronic newsletters and leaflets. A database of metadata and knowledge outcomes (e.g. Papers, reports and datasets) will be created. This will be linked to the database of the actual measurements, process and modelling data that are part of the other SPs. Key results of the project will be presented at international conferences and workshops and published in peer-reviewed journals.

TRANSPHORM will provide an ideal opportunity for training of young researchers and, where appropriate, other staff including research managers and industrial executives (in particular for SMEs) and any potential users of the knowledge generated by the project. The training will aim to provide an updated treatment of the role of particulate matter properties and their characterization, modelling techniques and applications, measurement methods and analysis of health related data, integrated assessment of health impacts and mitigation and adaption measures and strategies. The training will be delivered through focused courses and workshops and will be geared to improve the professional development of the participants.
This WP will coordinate the interactions with stakeholders and users in the various parts of TRANSPHORM. Interaction with stakeholders is considered to be crucial and will be integrated in several SPs of the project. Stakeholders and users in the first three levels of involvement will each have an individual role in the organisation of TRANSPHORM, whilst the fourth group will be addressed collectively through dissemination. The second level stakeholders will form the Science-Policy Stakeholder (SPS) Forum and will consist of policy experts. In addition to specific involvement in SP1, SP2, SP4 and SP5, stakeholders will also participate in the General Assembly.



1. City authority experts on local transport and air quality measures and policy

SP1: Input baseline scenario

SP2: Measurements

SP4: Working out policy scenarios in local situations

SP5: Local scenario development; comments to policy evaluation

2. Stakeholder representatives and policy experts (Science-Policy Stakeholder Forum)

SP6: Advice on policy development and implications for policy

SP5: Consultation on specific policies

3. Advisory Board

Strategic advice on TRANSPHORM work programme and advances

4. Interested users not individually addressed by TRANSPHORM

Being informed, give comments (through dissemination mechanisms)

SP6 Contacts
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