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Overview of SP4: Integrated assessment methodology and tool
In SP4 the integrated assessment (IA) methodology will be developed, implemented in a full-chain IA tool and applied to transport policies and measures. The methodology and tool will integrate the emission data from SP1, the air quality and exposure models available in SP2, the exposure-response functions and burden of disease metrics from SP3 and from these calculate the health impact of policies and measures specified by SP5.

The methodology will be implemented in two options, state-of-the-art models or fast simplified models, covering the full causal chain from drivers, through emissions, concentrations and exposure (both external and internal), to effects. The first option will include external links with state of the art atmospheric models prepared in SP2; these are linked to and controlled by a central tool (Core Part) that will fully specify the changes needed to carry out scenario runs. Besides these external atmospheric models, the Core Part will contain all functionality needed for full chain analysis and will thus include the concentration-response and exposure-response functions of SP3 and processing and presentation modules. The simplified option is similar to the state-of-the-art one; the difference is that it will not use the external atmospheric models, but simple relations representing these, developed in SP2 as well. The fast simplified option will be geared at policy analysis in the exploratory stages and for generically assessing the effectiveness of types of measures. The elaborate state-of-the-art option is intended for support to advance stages of decision-making. For scenario calculations elements for both options may be combined.

Work packages and their objectives
To develop the conceptual framework and functional specification of the IA tool. It will take account of the uncertainty methodology elaborated in WP4.2.

To develop an Integrated Assessment (IA) methodology adopting the whole chain approach to assess the health impact of exposure to transport related particulate matter.

To develop interactive interface framework between Core Part and external models.

To develop the methodology for quantifying the uncertainties in the results of the integrated assessment calculations.

To develop an uncertainty assessment module as part of the IA tool.

To implement the IA methodology developed in WP4.1

To inventories and analyse the model parameters and interface specifications.

To design and develop the core software of the IA tool.

To test, refine and apply the IA Tool to baseline situation.

To apply the IA tool in support of the policy assessment in SP5.

To calculate the health impact of selected transport policies and measures will be calculate.

To evaluate the operational capabilities of the IA tool in relation to its applicability for air quality and health policy support.
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